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How many times have we heard someone say, what does a chamber of commerce do? Despite tremendous money and time spent on researching and gathering data on how business people perceive their local chambers of commerce, the message about what a chamber does is not reaching everyone in business.

Whether your chamber has 30 members or over 3000, a chamber's focus is generally the same:

  • Provide members with opportunities to build business relationships (networking)
  • Promote the community (economic development)
  • Strengthen the local economy (events)
  • Represent chamber members' interests via boards, committees, task forces by the members for the members (leadership)
  • Educate your members on issues important to sustain and grow their business
    • In my experience with working with city and state chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations, membership associations, and homeowners' community associations there is one constant ... not one entity will share resources among their market segments. Best practices remain under lock and key and everyone has to reinvent the wheel to reach the same goals.

      How can this possibly help
      those members/businesses we serve?

      Welcome to the Eastern Association of Chamber Executives. We're here to help you, we can take basic chamber concepts to the next level. The chamber organizations which have been around for 50+ years have followed the same membership model for years and don't undertand why it's not working.

      We do!

      We've been watching how different associations handle their membership structures and we predicted this 'turn' ten years ago. We've seen alot, we've learned alot ... and we're happy to share the solutions with everyone!

      Our goal is to see all chambers, big and small, have the
      same resources available to them to give their members
      value on their investment through your association.

      We get it and we are here to invest in the business leaders of
      tomorrow, TODAY!

      Lee Filipe
      Founder & Executive Director

In Appreciation

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Tip of the Week

"If the Food is Great, the Event is Great!"

Have you ever been to a meeting where the food was bad? What do you remember about that meeting? The same is true when the food was great; so focus on food for successful meetings.

As you prepare for any event, tell the chef at the restaurant or conference center that you would like to introduce her or him to the audience. This tells them you want to be proud of the meal before it is served and it always ups their game.

This also puts personal and professional pressure on the chef when they know the audience will know who is responsible for the food. The introduction also shows the audience how much you (the host) cares about their experience.

There's nothing like focusing on the ego of a Chef to increase the odds of having a great meal for your events and meetings.

Great food. Great meeting

Brought to you by Pat the Chamber Mentor

Making a Difference

The last Saturday of October is National Make a Difference Day. Our first two years we had wonderful programs to help children in foster care. In our third year, so we came up with something unique and community oriented, year round!

Click here to see the program we created to
recognize the residents who live and work locally in
a small town in Florida (to start).

Eventually we hope to feature this program everywhere. Please email us if you'd like to start the program in your chamber or professional association.

Hang onto your boot-straps,
we're doing great things!

Check out our Events page for past successes

Lee - nah

"Leadership is action, not position."

Donald H. McGannon

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